2014 Texas Bitcoin Conference

Thanks for everyone’s support and inquiries of the NXT platform at the 2014 Texas Bitcoin Conference in Austin, Texas!

How To Get Started Using NXT

Step #1 – Watch the following video to learn how to download, verify and install the NXT client.

The client that is used in the video demonstration below is no longer in use but so I will have to make a new video when i get a chance.

Right now, all the instructions in the video may not apply to the new default Wesleyh client.

You can download the latest client here:


Here is a random password generator:

If you run into any technical difficulties with your Nextcoin client, just put your questions and comments in the forum thread and someone will help you.

Step #2 – Leave your NXT account number in the comments below and I will send you 4 Nextcoins (NXT) to activate your account so you can get started with the next generation of cryptocurrencies.

I will transfer the Nextcoins into your account after I receive you NXT account number.  If you don’t get your Nextcoins from me after 24 hrs, please email me and let me know.  Be sure to include your NXT account number when you email me so I know where to send the Nextcoins.

Step #3 – You can check your NXT account balance by entering your NXT account ID number into the NXT Block Explorer here:

NXT Blockchain Explorer

(I recommend you bookmark the link above so that you can always remember where to go and check your NXT account balances.)

Sometimes there is a delay in the NXT blockchain explorer when you are creating a new NXT account so if you don’t see your account or transactions right away, you do not need to worry or freak out.

You can always double check that I sent you the Nextcoins by reviewing our NXT donation account for your transaction here:

Prison Or Freedom’s NXT Donation Account

Step #4 – After you have received the Nextcoins I sent you.  Wait about 10 confirmations and then send 1 Nextcoin back to me or to someone else.  For security reasons, it’s important you make 1 incoming and 1 outgoing transaction in your account to “publicly” announce your account is “active” to everyone in the network.  Don’t ask me the technical details behind how it works because I’m not technical, just make sure you do it for safety.

I do not care if you send the Nextcoins back to me or not.  If you send it back to me I will use it to help new users get started with NXT.  If you decide to send it to someone else to help them activate their NXT account, that is also great too!

Tai Zen


1.  Offer expires when I run out of available NXT donations.

2.  If you email me to let me know you haven’t received the Nextcoins yet, please include your NXT account number.

3.  When there is a new update available for the NXT client, I normally wait 1-2 weeks before I update my client so all the bugs can be worked out unless it’s a mandatory update suggested by the developers Jean Luc or Wesleyh.

You can support and donate to our efforts on our donations page.