Currency Analysis #4 – How To Use Support & Resistance In Bitcoin

In this 4th episode of our Currency Analysis Series, I will discuss:

  • What are support/resistance lines?
  • How to draw reports/resist lines correctly using the “majority touch rule“.
  • What is the difference between traditional vs. modern support and resistance lines.
  • And a whole lot more insider secrets about support and resistance from the “trenches” of real-world trading and not a lame textbook written by an author who has never traded before….

Let’s get the party started!

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Take care and I hope this video helps your trading in some way…

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One thought on “Currency Analysis #4 – How To Use Support & Resistance In Bitcoin”

  1. Bravo, Great job… Keep doing what you do.

    I would give you a donation but for now I have not to give, hopefully soon things will be different.

    One thing I can share though, if you decide, is to follow and subscribe (for free) the writings Martin Armstrong – you both have a thing or two in common. He also has spent time in prison and is a teacher of trends and pattern analysis. Even if you agree 80% of what he writes, you will be grad you came across him. Start by reading his archives and subscribe for free.
    That’s all I can give for now.



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