Currency Analysis #9 – How To Identify Bitcoin Market Manipulation & Insider Trading

Bitcoin recently crashed below $100 on the Mt Gox exchange. Meanwhile, BTC price is still holding steady near $600 on more reputable exchanges such as Bitstamp and BTC-E. There has been a alot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainity, & Doubt) as to what is what causing the price of BTC to crash so violently at Mt. Gox.

I do not like conspiracy theories or discussing investment strategies without solid evidence.

In this video, I want to offer an explanation for the price crash at Mt. Gox. I believe the price drop is caused by blatant insider trading and intentional market manipulation by the chump Mark Karpeles (CEO of Mt. Gox) and his cronies at Mt. Gox.

I will present technical data to back up my accusations that an individual or group of individuals is conspiring with the folks at Mt. Gox to artificially crash the price of Bitcoin so they can buy up a large quantity of Bitcoins at a cheaper price and that chumpy Mark Karpeles is profiting from these down and dirty tactics while his customers are being fleeced.

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