Examples Of Challenges & Confusions With Bitcoin at 30,000 ft on American Airlines Flight 1054

Tai Zen:  This is Tai Zen again and I’m broadcasting from 30,000 feet in the air from Dallas-Fort Worth to Boston-Logan airport on American Airlines flight 1054.  Thanks to American Airlines [during] this broadcast, they’re serving ginger ale.

With me today, I have right next to me here in my passengers seat is David, he is a high school teacher.

He’s a school teacher, okay.  He speaks multiple languages.

We had an interesting conversation about Bitcoin and asked him for permission to see if I can record this and the reason why I wanted to record this conversation and share it with everyone in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world is because I want everyone to see that this is a common problem that we face with Bitcoin and all the alt coins, whether it’s Dogecoin (DOGE), whether its NXT, whether its Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC), or any of the new coins that’s coming out.

I want to have this conversation with David – he is completely new to Bitcoin, he has never heard of it until a couple of weeks ago and he went online and did some research on it and keep in mind that David is a school teacher.

He knows how to research, he knows how to learn things and I want you guys to notice the confusion that still exists in the air with Bitcoin with him.

So let’s go ahead and get the conversation here started.

First of all David, what I want to ask is what got you interested into Bitcoin?

Before you went online to start doing research, what did you see or what did you hear or what got you interested in Bitcoin?

David:  I think I read somewhere in the newspaper or something that the first Bitcoin ATM was installed or was opened up somewhere.

I don’t even remember where and I think at that point I have never heard of Bitcoin and then I heard it again on NPR radio or something, on a radio broadcast, and they explained it and I still didn’t get it.

Then I think a week later, a couple weeks later, I heard some sort of theft that involved Bitcoin.

Someone stole money of some sort, and at that point, I really was confused.

I didn’t know what there was to steal, other than the emails you get from Nigeria saying “Send me -”

Tai Zen:  The scam emails.

David:  Yeah, I really didn’t understand it. So I looked it up – I wouldn’t say I researched it thoroughly;.

I definitely didn’t research it thoroughly – but I probably looked at two or three sites and still really didn’t get it.

I’ll review what I told you before which was, I understand that its some sort of currency that is traded in what I think are usually online pages with the exception now there’s these ATMs, I think.

I think the currency’s not associated with any sovereign nation, no country, it’s not regulated in any way; and that is the extent of it.

I certainly don’t know enough to say, “Oh, that’s an interesting idea.”

No, let’s put it this way…

I don’t know enough.  It sounds like an interesting idea but I don’t understand enough to dig any deeper and it’s certainly not something that I would consider as a way to – I wouldn’t consider spending any money on it at this moment, I guess.

And I think, frankly, were it not that I’m sitting next to someone that seems to know about it, I have gotten to the point where I’ve done a little research, still didn’t get it, and clearly it’s a small group of people with specialized knowledge and it’s not for me and I was going to wait until someone else could explain it better.

Tai Zen:  Okay, so that’s interesting there and I wanted you guys to hear in the Bitcoin community, this is the common problem that we run into when people first hear about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency world.

So someone hears about it, they go online, they look it up and it’s still confusing to them.

What I’m going to do next here is I’m going to make an attempt to explain Bitcoin to David and I’ll record that in a separate video so that can be done for people who just want to learn about Bitcoin also.

So I’m going to end this video here, then in the second video, I’m going to record the explanation that I give to David and we’ll see if it works or not and we’ll go from there so that we can all learn from this experience, alright?

So thank you for joining me guys and I’ll see you in the next video.


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