How To Get Free Nextcoins (NXT)? – (2014 Texas Bitcoin Conference)

I attended the first Texas Bitcoin Conference as an ambassador for the NXT coin community.

Audience Member Question:

Okay, so marketing online specifically is especially about testing and optimizing. Can you talk a little bit about the systems you have in place to track and test this process?

Tai Zen’s Response:              

Okay, so yeah. So that’s a really good question.

If you guys will notice at I have set up a NXT faucet which gives away a small amount of free NXT coins to get your account activated.

So one of the ways that I wanted to test the marketing because we want to make sure it’s transparent so everyone can see it so when I at a conference, everyone can track it.

One of the things that we do is I volunteered to use my personal NXT coins and the ones that were donated to me for this test.

So what happens is when you guys come here and download the client or the wallet and install it and leave your account number, I’m going to send you some NXT.

Now the rest of the NXT community and everybody else in the world can log on and look at the NXT block chain, and view where I’m sending those NXT coins.

So I’m purposely sending four coins as a test because it costs one coin for the transfer fee right now.

So now when you come here you can look at the comments below or check the NXT block chain to see where I sent it to and see if it actually worked.

The people that are watching at home right now, when they see this video, they will test it out also, and then everyone can see it so that when I talk about it you can actually track the numbers because I want the marketing efforts that we do at NXT to apply to everyone.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. If we do something that’s successful, I want to make it as transparent, as clear as possible, so the rest of the community can benefit from it also.

So these are just the early stages of testing. So if you have some ideas for other methods, I’ll be happy to implement them if I can.


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Tai Zen At 2014 Texas Bitcoin Conference2

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