How To Verify & Install The Nextcoin (NXT) Client (Wallet)

It has been a battle for me to figure out how to install the NXT coin client and after spending several days online in forums and chat rooms, I was finally able to get the NXT coin client installed and working.  I wanted to make this quick video to help other non-technical people learn how to download, verify and install the client correctly.

Here is 2Kool4Skewl‘s link about Nextcoin from

Here is Mistafreeze‘s link about Nextcoin from,1902.0.html

Here is‘s Youtube channel:

If you run into any technical difficulties with your Nextcoin client, please check here:

In addition to the folks listed above, I also got massive help from @waryflight and @gudgeon from  They even went as far as to send me some complimentary Nextcoins just so I can test my new Nextcoin client to make sure it was working correctly which is badass!

I’m grateful for everyone’s help to get me this far and hope this installation video will help eliminate some confusion for new Nexters.

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